MailEnable vs Argosoft to front end for Exchange 2010

Discussion regarding the Standard version.
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MailEnable vs Argosoft to front end for Exchange 2010

Post by beekerc » Tue Jan 21, 2014 9:36 am

I an currently evaluating MainEnable Standard versus Argosoft .NET

Our main email server is Exchange 2010, but even though they offer the Edge Server role, we want a non-Microsoft SMTP engine on the internet solely to relay inbound mail to the Exchange server.

The primary features I'm looking for are domain specific relaying and recipient screening.
I like the functions that MailEnable offers, but you don't have to commit to buying everything up front.

In Argosoft there are mailbag domains, server relaying and recipient lists.
In MailEnable there are domains and smart hosts, but i can't seem to find a recipients screening list.
Is there such a feature and if so, can someone demonstrate how to configure and use it?
For now it's the only thing that's the only thing keeping me from picking MailEnable.


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