CDO and CDONTS support ?? How do I send mail ???

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CDO and CDONTS support ?? How do I send mail ???

Post by sameer » Thu Jun 27, 2002 2:19 am


I have mail enable installed on my Windows 2000 Server.
I have been trying hard to send mails using CDO and CDONTS, but,
all in vain. Where can I find a sample code to send a mail using
SMTP server provided in mailenable ??

I already have my default Microsoft SMTP disabled.

Please suggest me a solution at the earliest.



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Post by MailEnable » Thu Jun 27, 2002 3:12 am

MailEnable is not compatible with CDONTS; but there are couple of options that facilitate co-existance with MailEnable. Firstly, you can run the Microsoft SMTP service as if you run the inbound port on something other than the MailEnable port. Secondly, you can use other components rather than CDONTS. A component is included in the professional version of MailEnable that allows you to send email from ASP (but there are an array of other SMTP components available that should work).

The documentation for MailEnable's ASP Component are in the Manual for ME Professional.

Here is an example:

Dim oME
Set oME = CreateObject("MEMail.Message")
oME.MailTo = ""
oME.MailToDisplayName = "MailEnable Recipient"
oME.MailFrom = ""
oME.MailFromDisplayName = "MailEnable Sender"
oME.Subject = "Sample Message"
oME.MessageBody = "Here is the message body"
oME.Server = "localhost"
oME.ServerPort = 25
Response.Write oME.SendMessage
Set oME = Nothing

Note: Make sure that you have configured your SMTP relay options to allow mail to be sent from the host computer with the component installed.

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