does ME support mail aliases?

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Post by merk » Tue Jan 16, 2007 7:41 pm

well i cant say how easy it would be for them to implement. I'm guessing it wouldnt be super difficult at any rate.

I wouldnt certainly find it VERY useful. I've got about 25-30 email aliases i created in an effort to identify where the spammers were getting my email address from. but it becomes a real pain in the ass to keep adding an email address every time i join a site.

gmail offers this ability. The one change i would request to the way gmail does it would be to set which character is the wild card character. Otherwise the spammers will eventually realize that is a wild card address and chop off the which would make the whole point of this useless. So if we could specific + or $ or whatever as the wild card character, the spammers would find it much harder to pre-filter the email address and strip off the alias.

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Post by merk » Mon Sep 10, 2007 11:42 pm

I just emailed ME about this and have some good news. They have enabled this. You need to make a registry change to enable it. Here's the reply from ME:
You can enable plus addressing in the current version via a registry key. I
have attached a registry file for this (double click to add the registry
setting). You will need to restart the SMTP service when enabling/disabling
the feature. The key is:

"Plus Addressing"=dword:00000001

It will only work with the + symbol, and for all users of the server.
Basically it just strips the +somethingelse from the address and performs
the delivery as normal. Since it just fixes the address any filter will need
to look at the email headers in order to determine the recipient address.

Peter Fregon
MailEnable Pty. Ltd.
Would of been nice if we could set this on a per post office (or domain) basis. And nicer still if we could pick what the special alias character is. But this is still very cool and it's going to make catching the spammers much easier.

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