MaileEnable has the best cost/performace but some issues...

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MaileEnable has the best cost/performace but some issues...

Post by gmaoret » Sun Jan 22, 2012 10:39 am

I had to say that IMO MailEnable is the mail server that has the best cost/performance index out there.

BUT, compared with other competitors (more expensive, I have to say the truth...), it lacks in some compartiments:

1 - Outlook support: some competitors have a REALLY working plug-in for Outlook that permit to work like Exchange works very reliably and also ouside LAN with slow connections, even with many gigabytes mailboxes.
The MailEnable MAPI plug-in, unfortunately, is not reliable and it has problem outside LAN.
I really hope that MailEnable works hard on that.

2 - ActiveSYNC: MailEnable doesn't has it. It's a MUST HAVE in the professional Mail Server market and some other MailServers have it (included or as a paid option).
I'm waiting for that, even as a option (question: are you considering Z-PUSH?)

3 - antispam: though MailEanble has enough support for that, again it is beaten by many competitors that offer better and7or more antispam options out of the box...

Said this, I like MailEnable very much and hope that it grow up in the near future to beat other competitors in all the points over there, so that it can become the only MailServer in our Data Center.

At this time we must use other Mail Servers for specific customers needs that MailEnable can't cover (or don't cover reliably).
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Re: MaileEnable has the best cost/performace but some issues

Post by Netsupply » Sat Feb 11, 2012 6:17 pm

I have to agree with that.

Works very well, but support for Android Mail, Contacts and calendar would be nice.

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