Hope for some help - choosing SSL

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Hope for some help - choosing SSL

Post by miss_ruth » Mon Apr 16, 2012 1:15 pm

Hey everybody.
I'm a new user on your forum, because i was looking all over google for
some answers but i couldn't find it. So i thought i might get help here.

I had an excellent idea (like a week or so ago) while i was sitting at home
with a baby, to open my own web shop. So as i started.. but then i google
more for all the information about safety and stuff... now i know that i need to have an SSL.
I'm single mom, so i google cheapest sites for that secure socket layer.
Founded exonsecure (exonssl) it's cheap and i can afford it (i thought).
Then i google any information about that company and it's products.. i can't find any information..

So i wanted to ask, maybe anyone of you have bought anything from there
and maybe you have your own opinion about theirs SSL?

Thank you :)

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