Fields and Flags

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Fields and Flags

Post by sgirard » Wed Jul 11, 2012 6:12 pm

In my opinion, Mailenable needs to support the fields and flags that Outlook supports. My user's calendars and mailboxes went through a chaotic storm once we began using the MAPI plug in.


- Need calendar color coding as supported by Outlook. Trying to manage a busy calendar when there are no color coding options is madness and has really turned my users off to the product.


- Need flag colors. Again, managing a busy inbox with only one option (flag or no-flag) has really been tough for my users to get used to.


- Why are so few fields supported. My users all used "company field, for instance to manage their tasks and found after I moved to MAPI that that information was stripped away.

Lack of these things has really caused a backlash against IT and it would be great if they could be considered.

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