additional options in quarantined email

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additional options in quarantined email

Post by pootwaddle » Tue Nov 27, 2012 3:25 pm

When emails are quarantined, I have to make a decision to unquarantine, blacklist, whitelist, deliver or delete the messages.

It would be handy to have those options on the right-click menu.
Already there is an option to view the email.
It would be nice to then be able to:
Whitelist options:
whitelist the sender
whitelist the domain
whitelist the IP
add the IP to the greylist exceptions
(maybe others?)

Blacklist options:
blacklist the sender
blacklist the domain
blacklist the IP
blacklist the IP Block (*)
(maybe others)

This would greatly simplify the management of quarantined emails from a mailserver owner/operator perspective...
Thanks for considering. I will be glad to work up more details, if this is a possibility.

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