Monitor any change in the postoffice directory

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Monitor any change in the postoffice directory

Post by noamway » Sun Aug 26, 2012 2:03 pm


We like to operate a mirror folder in another server that will hold the postoffice files.
Our postoffice folder is very big (600GB) and we like to mirror only the new changes.

There is any option with MailEnable to know what were the last changes in the postoffice folder (New mail,Remove etc)?

I need something we can work with and not the LOG FILES.

Thanks for the help,

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Re: Monitor any change in the postoffice directory

Post by aahq » Thu Jan 17, 2013 12:22 pm

I am using a free program of the internet "fastcopy.exe" and "mesend.exe" (mail enables cmd line sender) with the following scheduled, batch file:

del f:\fcback\fcback.txt
"C:\Program Files\FastCopy\fastcopy.exe" /cmd=sync /force_close /open_window /no_confirm_del /no_confirm_stop /logfile=f:\fcback\fcback.txt /force_start /disk_mode=diff f:\me2 /to=\\yyy\backup2\me2
c:\mailsend\mesend.exe /H:x.x.x.x / / /A:f:\fcback\fcback.txt /N:fcback.txt /S: %time% 1hr Mail Sync Backup - see attached. If failed or more than 10 errors report to Windows Systems Manager %time%

I have a data set of about 400Gb and once it is synced this takes 10 minutes to "catch up" if run every hour. Fastcopy can be set to use less CPU cycles etc as well if needed.

The management here are happy enough that if the whole Mail System ended that "one hour" of lost mail is acceptable.


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