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This FAQ covers all licensing issues including errors and how to re-license your server. 


How do I license MailEnable?
After downloading and installing MailEnable, the easiest way to license MailEnable is to run the Registration Wizard which is accessed via the Start -> Programs -> MailEnable ->Registration Wizard menu. The Registration Wizard will step you through the registration process. It will then, via the Internet, update your
Online Services account with the license details and license your server.

Things to note about this:

1.  Make sure after you have made payment that you can log into Online Services . If you cannot log-in, then possibly your payment details have not been accepted. Sometimes, depending on payment method (e.g. PayPal), there is a few hours delay in processing payments.

2.  Ensure that you enter the correct number of processors into the wizard. While the MailEnable license is a per server license, the wizard still requires you to enter the correct number of processors.

3.  Ensure you enter the correct name of the server.

After you have completed the Registration Wizard, you can go into Online Services to make sure the details have been updated correctly. In the "License" section you should have your allocated license details.

I went through the Registration Wizard and the Diagnostic Report still reports me as unlicensed what do I do?
The first thing to check in this situation is that the correct details (server name and CPU count) were entered into the Registration Wizard. This can be checked in
Online Services in the license section.

If the details were entered correctly then you may have to do a manual registration. To do this, run the Registration Wizard and on the first screen select the option to "Enter a registration key manually". 

After selecting this option there will be a screen in the Wizard that you need to copy your license key into. This license key can be obtained in two ways:

1.  Through the Welcome Email sent via MailEnable Sales when you purchased MailEnable. This email would be sent to the email address you registered MailEnable under this is also your online services login username, or

2.  Obtain the key from the Online Services license section. In both cases it is a simple matter of copying and pasting the key into the Registration Wizard.

If the evaluation period expires, or a license key is invalid, then uploading attachments in web mail will be disabled. Any MTA pickup events or AV scanners configured will also be disabled. See this article for more information about evaluation period expiry.

When trying to license ME I  get an error REG-004.
If you receive a REG-004 it means that your CPU count entered is incorrect. MailEnable gets the CPU count from the machine BIOS and will then match this to your entry. If you enter the incorrect details here then you cannot properly register you MailEnable version. 
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When trying to license ME I get an error REG-002.
This simply means that the logon account for the server you are using does not have installation rights for the server.
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If I change my machine or I need to update my license key where do I start?
The first thing to do in any situation where you need to re-license is to login to
Online Services   and release the old license key. This will remove the allocation of any key from a machine. From here you simply Register a new License key please see " How do I license MailEnable ?"

I have changed the server and server name how do I re-license?
To rename or change name of a server then in the program group, run the Registration Wizard and request a new license key. This will automatically expire your old machines license key and assign a new key for the newly named server.

If this process does not work, then please attempt the "I went through the Registration Wizard and my diagnostic still reports me as unlicensed what do I do?".

I have tried everything in the documentation and I am still not licensed, what do I do?
The first thing to do is log into
Online Services and make sure that the issue count in the license section for the license has not reached 3. If this has happened then you will need to contact MailEnable for the server issue count to be reset. If the license has been allocated to several names then a quick description of reasons should be provided at this stage for a quick solution, submit a ticket via the Online Support Submission Form .

How long does the Evaluation Period last for?
The evaluation period for MailEnable lasts for two months from date of installation.

I have lost my registration details, how can I locate them?
In the event that you lose your registration details, it is possible to locate your account by providing the details outlined in the following:


MailEnable Licensing Policy:

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