MailEnable Features - Administration

MailEnable contains powerful administration features which can be easily administered through a user-friendly interface (Microsoft Management Console). The interface allows you access to all of the features of MailEnable including configuration details, services, filters, mailboxes etc.
MailEnable MMC - Summary

Management Console

MailEnable's management console is a responsive and intuitive platform, that presents administrators with inbound and outbound connection statuses, system usage information, critical server activities and server health reports.

The console equip administrators with powerful features such as the ability to monitor indexing, import domains/users, and IDN support. It also provides the ability to see the current status of the indexing service, as the number of mailboxes to index and update are shown. Administrators can jump directly to the mailbox location on disk with the addition of a "View in Explorer" menu item, and easily find lists, group and directory members with the addition of a filter.

Enhanced Web Administration

Administer your mail server using web based administration; create users, add post offices, manage lists, groups and contacts. Enterprise web administration includes several additional features including search capabilities for users/domains and the ability to manage all post offices from a single log-in. If you are hosting multiple post offices (e.g: one per customer or company), each company can be granted permissions to manage their own configuration.

Learn more about MailEnable web administration

Remote Administration

Remote administration allows you to connect to a remote machine or cluster via the administration interface. You can then add these remote servers to the administration program for ease of access, and manage them in the same way as your local machines.
MailEnable Web Administration
MailEnable - Alerting & Monitoring

System Alerting & Monitoring

MailEnable includes a monitoring agent that checks system health and can notify an email address of any problems that are detected, such as a large amount of email going through the system, or service failure.

Monitoring tools are also provided which allow you to easily review the status of the messaging subsystem. You can access the system overview console and can review which accounts are generating the most activity. This allows administrators to identify any accounts that are being abused and to take an appropriate action.

Integrated Global Footers/Disclaimers

System and Post Office Administrators are now able to add global or Post Office footers to messages as they are sent to external parties. Mailboxes which are administrators are able to configure this through Web Administration.
MailEnable - Footers/Disclaimers
MailEnable - Priority & Bulk Email Queues

Queue Prioritization

Messages that are sent out as bulk e-mail or are part of an e-mail campaign can now be assigned to a bulk mail queue. This means that bulk mail outs are less likely to impact on the delivery of regular e-mail.

Also, an administrator is able to designate users whose messages should be sent with Priority. Messages sent by these users are placed in a Priority queue so that they receive preferential treatment over other messages.

Dashboard, Monitoring and Abuse Protection

When you login to the MailEnable Management Console, you will be presented with a dashboard providing a report on critical server activity and server health.

This significantly reduces the need to review MailEnable's logs or the Windows Event Viewer for errors or events.

It will analyze behavior and will raise events for the review of the system administrator.

Version 7 also includes some significant improvements to spam filtering, providing real time statistics as well as integration with SpamAssassin.

MailEnable MMC - Summary
MailEnable MMC - Provisioning

Platform Provisioning

When new postoffices/organizations are created, MailEnable will attempt to automatically provision DNS and IIS with the appropriate configuration settings.

Administrators can set up default values and customize settings when new organizations are created. These values are then applied when new postoffices and mailboxes are created (ie. you can configure templates for postoffice and mailbox creation).

The provisioning function also allows you to define custom actions that can be taken when new postoffices/ organisations are created or removed from the platform.

Service Autodiscovery Management

Version 8 provides a simple Autodiscovery Configuration Manager, allowing you to configure the settings returned to devices when users attempt to set up new accounts.

Settings for autodiscovery can be configured on a per domain basis for an array of services including IMAP, POP, SMTP, CalDAV, CardDAV and ActiveSync.

This new feature means that end users will simply need to enter their email address and password on the device and the server and port settings will be automatically configured on the client.

MailEnable - Autodiscovery
MailEnable Management - Greylisting SPF Exclusion

Greylisting SPF Exclusions by Domain

Greylisting is the most effective single mechanism of reducing spam, but its effectiveness has been limited by delaying legitimate messages (particularly from large service providers like Gmail and Yahoo!). With MailEnable, domains that have SPF records can be whitelisted, significantly improving the effectiveness of Greylisting.

Country Code Blocking

Administrators have the ability to block incoming communications from certain countries by targeting specific country codes. This allows the admin to block potentially harmful or unwanted data from suspicious sources.

EHLO Blocking

Users can specify strings for the SMTP service that will allow it to drop connections when connections use specific EHLO values.

MailEnable Management - Country Code Blocking

Automated Account Creation on Apple Devices

Version 8 also includes "one-click" configuration for Apple iOS devices. Setting up an iPhone account is now automated whether you are using Exchange ActiveSync or CalDAV / CardDAV / IMAP.

This feature means that mail users can now configure their iOS device with CalDAV / CardDAV / IMAP as a single service, simply by clicking on a link within Webmail or Mobile Webmail.

Administrators can also provide a link for Apple users to click on which will automatically configure their device.

Mobile Management & Administration

MailEnable Enterprise Premium now includes a Mobile Web Administration client.

The client automatically detects connections on a mobile device and allows the user to access a cutdown and streamlined version of MailEnable's Web Administration.

This means that system administrators can review the health of their server and execute simple management tasks on their mobile devices.

MailEnable Migration Centre

Migration Centre

MailEnable's Migration Centre provides a simple solution for migrating from legacy e-mail systems.

Using the migration console, it is possible to import mail for a single user, organization or entire server from a remote messaging platform.

Skin Catalogue Manager

MMC3 includes a Skin Catalogue Manager which provides access to a library of skins that can be chosen and installed (and uninstalled) on the platform.

MailEnable MMC - Skins Catalogue

MailEnable Administration





Admin via Microsoft Management Console (MMC)        
Domain renaming        
SMTP forwarding        
Sender domain validation        
Domain level smart hosting        
Message size restriction        
Domain literals        
Disable catch-alls for entire system        
Restrict the number of recipients per inbound message        
Automatically ban IP addresses after too many failures        
Mask IP addresses in e-mail headers        
Validate domain MX records on inbound connection        
Restrict the maximum number of inbound connections        
Restrict the maximum number of outbound connections        
Mark inbound catch-all messages with a custom header        
Limit maximum outbound message size        
Limit maximum inbound message size        
Configure allowed SMTP verbs        
Configure outbound failed message retry schedule        
Enable/disable non-delivery receipts        
Enable/disable delivery delay notifications        
Smart host SMTP connector to downstream SMTP server        
Smart host individual domains to a downstream SMTP server        
SMTP connector smart host authentication        
Block local addresses        
Dashboard, Monitoring & Abuse Protection        
Platform Provisioning        
Migration Centre        
Skin Catalogue Manager        
International Domain Support (IDN)        
Improved Administration (features like indexing monitoring and domain/user importing)        
Web Administration        
Integrated Global Footers/Disclaimers        
Simple Password Prevention        
Failed Authentication Account Lockout        
Scripting on inbound SMTP conversation        
Autodiscovery Customisation        
One Click Configuration for Apple Devices        
Content Filtering by Country Code        
Restrict Logins by Country        
Greylisting SPF Exclusions by Domain        
Real-Time IP Abuse Unblocking (notifies services to immediately unblock banned IPs)        
EHLO Blocking        
Queue Prioritization        
System Alerting & Monitoring        
Remote Administration        
Configure service availability per mailbox        
Configure service availability per post office        
Restrict message throughput per mailbox        
Restrict message throughput per post office        
Remotely administer servers        
Lockout accounts after too many failed login attempts in a short time        
Scheduled message purging        
Quota warning notifications        
Improved Smarthosting (IP bindings now support smarthosting)        
New Mobile Web Administration        
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