How to Remove IP from SMTP Deny List

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How to Remove IP from SMTP Deny List

Post by akeilox » Thu May 04, 2017 5:47 pm

I am programmatically adding IPs to the SMTP Deny list with no issues.

However, when I try to remove an IP from the SMTP Deny list the following code returns 1 but does not remove the IP from file or SMTP GUI

In i have the exact line item as following for the given IP; 1 CONNECT SYSTEM

var smtpAccess = new MailEnable.Administration.SMTPAccess();
smtpAccess.AddressMask = ""; // this contains the IP address string thats in Smtp Deny list
//smtpAccess.Host = ""; // seems not used, no difference commented or not
smtpAccess.Mode = 1; // smtp deny
smtpAccess.Account = "SYSTEM"; // account, correct as per smtp deny entry
smtpAccess.Right = "CONNECT"; // correct as per smtp deny entry, although api documentation says not used
smtpAccess.Status = 1; // it represents add, but calling RemoveAccess below so changing this to 0 doesnt differ


Any gentle soul out there can shed some light on why its likely not working?

What am I doint wrong or missing?


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