Outgoing Email Archiving Not Working

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Outgoing Email Archiving Not Working

Post by csmelton »

I have setup FILTERING on a POST OFFICE. It is set to FORWARD ALL MESSAGES to a third party email archiver.
The filter seems to work perfect for incoming messages, but any outgoing messages are not getting sent to the archiver.
I have multiple Post Offices, one for each of my clients. But I am just archiving emails for one of my clients. So I added the filter just to the one Post Office.

Any ideas why outgoing email is not being forwarded through the filter?
Thank you!

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Re: Outgoing Email Archiving Not Working

Post by kiamori »

We are seeing this same issue.

I have tried several methods, which no longer work on a post office and global level.

Here is what I have tried thus far:

the built in filter for "All messages"
a script like this:
If CriteriaMet([ME_FROM],"emailaddress") OR CriteriaMet([ME_TOorCC],"emailaddress") Then
End If
but no luck.

Here is the only thing still working now,

at a post office level or user level create a filter and sort it to the very top, then filter with "where the message header contains" > "email address" : action forward to "archive email"

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