Filters problem? E-mails are not distributed to mailboxes.

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Filters problem? E-mails are not distributed to mailboxes.

Post by GuruMeditation » Mon Jun 21, 2021 9:53 am


I hope someone can help us.

We have the following initial situation:

We have three domains, Domain1, Domain2, Domain3.

We have e-mail users for each domain.

In order to keep the administrative effort as small as possible, we have forwarded all e-mails to Domain1 until now.

Our old e-mail server then retrieved the e-mails from Domain1 into the Postmaster mailbox and then distributed them to the individual e-mail boxes using a filter function.

Since we want and need to improve (the old mail server is no longer being developed), we bought the MailEnable Enterprise version.

We have installed the MailEnable Enterprise Version.
Assigned domain names.
Created mailboxes for other users.
Created the Postmaster mailbox and set up POP retrieval.

In the Postmaster Mailbox under Filters we have set up the following for each user:
Enable filters for the mailbox selected.

Filter Management
Add > Add New Filter Item> Name > Name, Firstname > Filter is Enabled selected> OK
Double Click on the new Filter > Double Click on Where the TO or CC header line contains specific word > Criteria: Where the TO or CC header line contains specific (enabled) > Use short word list (maximum of 2000 ....), To add to the list, enter details (comma delimited) below > add > firstname*name > add > OK

Add Action > > Select Action > Forward to Address > OK > Action - Forward message > Enabled > Email address > (Mailbox name of a user created under Mailboxes) > OK
Add Action > Select Action > Delete Massage > Enabled selected > OK

Close "Filter Management" > "Postmaster Properties" > OK

Now all e-mails come into the Postmaster mailbox, but the filters are not processed, i.e. the e-mails are not distributed to the user mailboxes.

Does anyone have an idea what I might have done wrong?
I appreciate any help.

Best regards

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