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AUP Purchase Issue

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We purchased Mailenable 10.xx a couple of years ago. We have been up to date on our AUP payments every year. We purchased as well as are paying AUP via a reseller.

However, this time when we went to renew the AUP, the reseller is asking for more than the AUP cost of Enterpries, which is 270 USD. We asked them as they said that this time it is for an upgraded version.

From what I understand, upgrades on the same version from 10.xx to 10.xx are included in the AUP cost, right ?

If so, why is the reseller asking for more price.

- We are from India
- We purchased Enterprise Edition 10.xx around 2019
- We have been purchasing AUP every year from the same reseller
- We need to purchase AUP for the same.

Wanted a confirmation from your side if the cost has increased, or there is an upgrade cost, or is there a version upgrade,etc.

Thank you

Warm Regards

Manish Naik

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