Enterprise Premium 10.39 - EAS Issues

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Enterprise Premium 10.39 - EAS Issues

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Hey Guys, I submitted a ticket, but thought i would post here anyhow.

So we are running a private inhouse ms server with 2016 standard. We just recently upgraded to 10.39 .

We have been having strange issues where Random mailbox's on our server Start almost hanging. the user cannot receive any new mail, outlook stops syncing and when you try and log into their webmail on the server you can log in, but when you try clicking on their inbox you get the tab that moves back and forth left to right and the inbox never loads. it just times out. it seems to only effect active sync users when it happens. You can click on other folders in their webmail but the inbox seems to be the culprit. Really makes no logical sense. After a reboot the mail shows up and everything is back to normal.

The weird part is other POP users in the same domain work just fine. Even other active sync users can log in and have no issue. It seems to be account specific and there doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to when its going to do it. It just happens randomly and the only way to resolve the issue is to fully reboot the windows server. Once it comes back it works again for a week or so. Maybe 4 days, then it happens again. Sometimes to the same users. Sometimes to different users.

We checked the server for new drivers and updates. There were some that we have since completed. Also windows updates as well.
I logged paid support case with ME but in the meantime thought i would post here incase anyone else has has this issue.

It just started in the last couple of months we think but hard to say. We decided to try making sure everything was up to date but the problem persists. We need some help!



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