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DKIM check false

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I have situation that DKIM filter check mark messages from some domains as failed.
I tested with senders to send messages to gmail, O365 and one other mail server and non of them are reporting any problem with DKIM.
On gmail you can even see nicely that spf,dkim and dmarc have pass mark.

What can be done to see why mailenable is marking messages from some domains as DKIM fail while same message is marked as DKIM pass when checked by other mail servers?

From MTAFILTER-Report log I see it is like body hash

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11/17/22 14:01:55	Executed	B018F8A618F947ADA051DF9A0ACAFA58.MAI	SMTP	DKIM-check	ADD_HEADER		[]	CRITERIA=DKIM, DATA=	ALSO-Invoice_966081358

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