Question about wildcard filters,

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Question about wildcard filters,

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We have a filter for spam phrases, and I'm getting mixed results using wildcards.

For example here is the filter script:

If CriteriaMet([ME_BODY],"<REFERENCE><FILE>SpamPhrases.txt</FILE><PATH>D:\ME\Config\Filters\Patterns</PATH><REFERENCE>") Then
End If

We have a script that adds some phrases to the SpamPhrases.txt file based on user reports via our custom antispam tool we've created.

Here is an entry that works:
receive * $* Gift Card
receive a Sam's Club $500 Gift Card

And here is one that does not:
get a $* gift card
Congratulations! You can get a $100 Dick's Sporting Goods gift card!

Why does the first one work and the second does not?

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