:!: Bug: 10.45, filtering not always working correctly [HELP]

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:!: Bug: 10.45, filtering not always working correctly [HELP]

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The only filter log entry for this email:
07/18/23 00:36:52 Executed 42E39C0174F149DD96C314552E7CDC91.MAI SMTP Bypass ADD_HEADER,STOP_PROCESSING [SMTP:notify@{hidden}] {IP} CRITERIA=IPADDRESS, DATA=<MF-E>{#.#.#}.*</MF-E> Subject

Here is the rule that is triggering the filter:

Where the originators IP matches {#.#.#}.*

1. Add Header, X-Origin: Pass (Origin {#.#.#}.#)
2. Stop Processing Filters

and for some reason it's being filtered to Junk E-Mail, this was never an issue before. this just started happening today, no changes have been made and the filter has been in place for years.

In order to work around this bug I've had to create another add header rule to the list, before the stop processing filters.
Add Header, X-ME-Content: Deliver-To=Inbox

This is odd however because the emails going to junk have no X-ME-Content header.

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