How to upgrade MailEnable to a newer version or release


This article explains how to upgrade a MailEnable installation to a newer version. It also explains the upgrade process and how you can ensure that your existing configuration and settings are maintained.


If you are in the process of evaluating MailEnable, you can upgrade and the software will continue in evaluation mode. If you upgrade from Professional to Enterprise then the evaluation period is reset.

If you are performing a minor version upgrade of a licensed installation, no new license key is required. For example, if you are upgrading from 10.00 to 10.40 - it is a minor upgrade because only the numbers to the right of the decimal point have changed. 

If you are upgrading to a higher major version then you should first access Online Services to check whether you are eligible for a free upgrade (via Annual Upgrade Protection) or whether you need to purchase an upgrade. This can be done under the Upgrades menu under your Online Services account.

If you do not know your Online Services account details then you should try attempt using the e-mail address used when registering MailEnable. If you are unsure, then you should email with a list of possible addresses that may have been used to register the product. This article explains further:

If you upgrade a licensed installation to the next major version, or if you are upgrading from Professional to Enterprise, the ugprade process will remove the license details and put the software into trial mode. This gives you time to apply the new license key.

After the software has been upgraded (which is outlined below), you should then use the Registration Wizard to apply the updated license key to the server. The Registration Wizard is located under the MailEnable program folder.



The upgrade procedure for MailEnable Editions is the same procedure as installing a new version. Standard Edition, Professional & Enterprise Edition use the same data format, therefore to upgrade from Standard to Professional Edition, or to Enterprise Edition from either Professional or Standard, you can simply run the installation over the top of your current configuration. MailEnable will detect the old version and retain the old settings (unless you specify otherwise).

MailEnable setup kits are available from the download page.

When you install MailEnable over an existing installation, it will prompt you to specify the location of your configuration repository. It should default to the current configuration location as used by the existing installation of MailEnable.

This dialog is shown below:

MailEnable Configuration Repository - Upgrading

The default setting of the installation is to Preserve Existing Configuration Data. Leave this selected unless you want to overwrite your configuration with clean installation (ie: do not retain post office or mailbox data).

This dialog is shown below:

Preserve Existing Configuration Data

The installation will ask you if you want to backup your settings (select Yes). It is also good practice to have used the MEBACKUP utility beforehand although, since the installation makes its own backup this is not essential.

Simply follow the installation wizard, verifying your settings until the wizard completes. You may be asked to reboot your sever at the end of the upgrade. The underlying configuration data and options are essentially the same for all MailEnable versions.

Note: Enterprise will use the same configuration data and options as Standard and Professional, but has two way migration wizards for changing the configuration provider. Eg: TAB Files ->Database -> TAB Files. Enterprise stores more data than Standard and Professional Editions, but the configuration format is backward compatible.


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