How to force MailEnable to deliver to an external address over local delivery


MailEnable will always check for local delivery above sending the message to any remote server. So MX records and DNS settings are ignored if the domain is configured locally. To override this behaviour requires a system utility that redirects all emails to the specified local postoffice back out the SMTP service. The domains for the postoffice must be smarthosted to an external IP address for it to do this.


The MERoute utility will change a setting for the postoffice to force any mail being delivered to the postoffice to ignore the local mapping of an email address to a mailbox. This redirects all the email to the postoffice to the SMTP service outbound queue instead. The domain smarthost setting is then used to send the email to the remote server.

To use the utility:
1. Smart host all the domains under the postoffice to the desired target mail server. This is configured under the domain properties in the administration program by enabling the Act as Smart Host checkbox.
2. Use the MERoute utility and select the checkbox next to the postoffice name.

The domains must remain enabled, otherwise the SMTP service will not accept email for them in order to route them.

One possible usage of the utility is when a postoffice is being migrated off to another server. If the current server is configured to redirect the email, any delayed MX updates will not cause bounced email. To summarise, the new server needs to be configured and have the email data and configuration migrated across. Then, smart host the domains to the new server and use the MERoute utility to force the smart hosting rules over local delivery. Unzip the utility into the MailEnable BIN directory on the current server.


MERoute Utility:

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