Why Choose MailEnable

Administration & Mail Provisioning

MailEnable heavily leverages Microsoft's Management Console (MMC). The MMC allows MailEnable to integrate with the administration tools of other applications and provides a consistent management user interface. The MMC allows you to easily manage postoffices, domains and users and configure the underlying services of the mail platform. MailEnable SMTP, IMAP and POP3 Servers are completely provisionable. On a single server, you can host multiple SMTP mail domains for each hosted customer.

To Help You Choose...

Unlimited Users, Unlimited Domains

MailEnable has an unobtrusive licensing model that allows you to host an unlimited number of domains and users on a single server - there is no 'per seat' licensing.

Multi-domain Support

MailEnable processes mail for multiple domains on a single server! This feature allows you to provide email services to all your clients and increase your profitability. It is also ideal for businesses that have many separate divisions with multiple domains.

Affordably Priced

MailEnable Standard Edition is provided free of charge, for both personal and commercial use. There is no time limit, or other restrictions on the amount of users or domains that you can configure.

Easy to Install & Configure

Have your mail server up and running in minutes with installation wizards and simple, intuitive interface.

Scalability & Clustering

MailEnable is designed to grow with your business, from one domain with multiple accounts all the way up to hundreds of domains and thousands of users. MailEnable components can be split or clustered across multiple servers (ie, you can have one machine for web mail, another for Webmail, another for SMTP services and another for POP).

Open & Modular Architecture

Service isolation promotes uptime because the system is comprised of different logical processes. For example, if one service should fail, other services are not necessarily affected.


The power, low cost and scalability of MailEnable make it ideal for any software developer to expand on.

Resource Libraries

MailEnable provides a comprehensive library of free resources and utilities that can be easily added-on.

Low System Requirements

MailEnable is a lean and robust mail-server, designed as an enterprise level mail solution, with only modest system requirements.
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